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First startups and now Large enterprises make leap to cloud


McKinsey recently published the results of their IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure surveys. The results were interesting and offers insights into how organizations are driving demand for cloud services. Based on the results of surveying 800 CIO’s and IT Executives, the study shows large enterprises with revenues of $5B or more going from 10% to 51% towards adopting commercial cloud services.

Looks like the drumbeat of large players like CapitalOne, GE and others going “all-in” to the cloud is starting to resonate with the broader market. There are some other interesting tidbits:

Bigger is better — Hypercloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft appear to be the clear favorites.

Managed Services — The sudden surge in demand in cloud migrations is also going to drive demand for skilled talent — outsourcing of managed services is likely to be a preferred choice rather than doing things in-house.

Regulated Industries — Companies in regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, and insurance are in the middle of digital transformation programs and the cloud is an integral part of that modernization.

Not About Cost-savings — The study describes how organizations are making the leap to cloud not for cost-savings but for agility and speed.

Security Matters! — Security in the cloud based environment is a top concerns as organizations transition from the old model to the new platforms.

For the folks that are already in the cloud migrations and solutions business, none of this is “news” but to see McKinsey publish this study helps validate the trend. As the cloud chasm is finally crossed with mainstream adopters, cloud leaders and innovators are accelerating their cloud advantage with DevOps, Self-service Marketplaces and Platform-centric architectures using containers. It is now the time for Cloud 2.0!

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