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Navigating the Complex Enterprise Compliance World—With the Help of stackArmor

Guest post by stackArmor Customer App47

Mobile Application Management

Last year, the App47 team was faced with a daunting task unlike any we’d come across before: meeting the compliance needs of a Fortune 500 company in the highly regulated healthcare industry. We needed to do it quickly, too. We were in the process of navigating a large bid for a project, and our ability to move forwarded depended on meeting the complex security and compliance needs of this company.

Meeting security and compliance requirements is no easy task, even at a company with a full-time CISSO and compliance team. As a startup, we don’t have the luxury of having a team like that on board. Of course, that didn’t change the fact that there were mounds of paperwork to read—chock-full of dense language that can be hard to understand—and real compliance needs to be met before we had the chance to move forward on the project.

Enter stackArmor. stackArmor provides full-stack cloud solutions for security-focused customers. In our case, they helped us ensure we had not only a secure environment to meet the needs of our client, but also that we had the policies in place required to provide services to the customer. Their team has a background in security and compliance in the cloud, and all throughout the process, we used them as our security architecture and compliance experts to navigate this tremendously complex landscape.

Anyone who’s ever read through a list of security and compliance requirements knows how dense the language can be. It requires highly specialized knowledge and experience that are impossible to replicate unless you truly have the expertise. stackArmor’s team made that a non-issue; with their experience and knowledge they were able to talk us through what the requirements meant and, more importantly, what we needed to do to implement them. They helped us build out the environment and procedures mandated by the company’s compliance requirements, something that we certainly would not have been able to do without their help.

This story has a happy ending, too: after working with stackArmor and their team to meet the prospect’s security and compliance checklist, we moved forward through the process and landed the deal. The project with this client is now fully underway.

All throughout this process, it was invaluable to have a helping hand that’s done it before and can do it right the first time, and quickly. stackArmor brought that experience to the table and was tremendously helpful the whole time. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work and even though we still don’t love navigating security and compliance checklists, we know that they’ll be the first people we call should we have to go through this again.

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