Is agile’s inattention to security to blame for software vulnerabilities?

Organizations across the globe are rapidly adopting agile frameworks for managing and implementing software systems.

Advanced AWS Networking for Secure and Compliant Architectures

With the AWS Cloud revolution in full swing, everyone seems to be diving headfirst as to not be left behind.

Accelerating FedRAMP Certification with Zscaler and AWS Cloud

Commercial ISV’s and SaaS providers looking to provide cloud-based services to US Federal and Department of Defense customers

FedRAMP Readiness Gap Assessment for Commercial SaaS and ISV’s

The US Federal Government is expected to nearly double its acquisition of cloud services from 2019 to 2024 based on a newly released market

Effective cloud cost management strategies for Amazon Web Series (AWS) Cloud

Enterprises, SaaS platform operators and start-ups are rapidly accelerating consumption of AWS cloud services. As the cloud workloads start to pile up

DOD releases CMMC draft that provides early guidance to DOD Contractors and appears to track FedRAMP Program

DOD contractors have been asked to implement NIST SP 800-171 to comply with DFARS 252.204-7012

AWS Cloud Cost Management for Product Managers and Agile Teams

Large distributed product development teams struggle with effective cloud cost management due to the lack of effective metrics

Do you think cloud cost optimization is time consuming and difficult?

The task of assembling and managing your company’s cloud these days is very complex.As resources build up in the account, the cloud costs become unmanageable.

Reducing cloud spend by detecting and eliminating idle capacity

On average organizations are wasting between 40-60% of their cloud capacity due to the inability to easily track idle cloud capacity that is paid

stackArmor Well-Managed Cloud Framework

A Well-Managed Cloud is one that operates efficiently and securely in alignment with business and security objectives of the organization.

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