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Do you think cloud cost optimization is time consuming and difficult?

The task of assembling and managing your company’s cloud these days is very complex. As resources build up in the account, the cloud costs become unmanageable. Now should you focus on your core job or spend your valuable time analyzing your AWS bill at a granular level? Do you feel like you are wasting your valuable resources of time and money trying to constantly keep your cloud infrastructure cost optimized and wish there was a better way – you are at the right place.

Whether you’re trying to reduce expenses or want to manage cloud more efficiently, we can help you get a handle on cloud costs through simple business metrics like Cloud Idle Score and Cloud Idle Cost to drive accountability.

 stackArmor OpsAlert is tailored for fast growing organizations that are unable to dedicate full-time resources for cloud cost and utilization management. Our fully managed billing and cloud operations support services are cost-effective tools for busy cloud product owners, product managers and program managers looking for force-multipliers. stackArmor OpsAlert provides actionable intelligence on cloud utilization and cost using twelve simple business-oriented metrics. These metrics help detect idle capacity and improve utilization thereby increasing margins for cloud-based products. Here is the snapshot of one of the metrics Cloud Idle Score. The Cloud Idle Score impacts the Cloud Idle Cost and helps detect wastage.


List of all instances running for a specified date, along with cost and cloud idle score

Key benefits of stackArmor OpsAlert include:

  • Actionable insights with proven algorithms to detect idle cost and wastage to help product managers, SaaS CFO’s and business managers track cloud spend and bring it under control.
  • Accountability across distributed teams – Powerful dashboards and emails to help agile product teams quickly see cloud spending and eliminate wastage using the Cloud Idle Score across Regions and AWS Accounts.
  • Increase margins – SaaS product hosted on AWS can improve their margins by improving operational efficiency of cloud assets by eliminating idle capacity and idle cost.

Tracking AWS costs is no longer time consuming and difficult using  stackArmor OpsAlert. Being a Managed Services Provider our dedicated cloud operations support can also provide active management and monitoring of monthly spending. This includes recommendations like reserved instances, using schedulers or downsizing instances. Contact stackArmor to learn more.

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