Security is critical for SaaS CEO’s and SaaS Investors

The Identity Theft Resource Center states that over 175 million records have been exposed in data breaches in 2015 through October. The incidents of breaches continue to increase and as more businesses are offering SaaS solutions to their customers, SaaS CEOs and Investors must take a careful look at their security practices to avoid business … Continue reading Security is critical for SaaS CEO’s and SaaS Investors

AISecOps – Plugging the Security and Operations Gap left by DevOps

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and DevOps are drawing a lot of interest in the IT community that is looking for ways of delivering faster and more reliable information services.

Logging and Monitoring with Lucidworks Silk – Lucene-Solr, Kibana and Logstash

The folks at Lucidworks recently announced Silk – a logging and monitoring solution for enterprises using open source components like Solr, Kibana and Logstash.

Building a Logging and Monitoring Solution – How Cloudant did it

Application Performance Monitoring, Logging and Systems Monitoring continue to be critical for secure and reliable platform operations. A key decision is whether to buy or build such

Data Collection and Real-time Performance Analytics at LinkedIN

The ability to rapidly collect, process and present log data from the full stack is increasingly becoming important for trouble-shooting, ensuring service reliability and

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