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Data Visualization and Analytics with Tableau on AWS

Information sources are exploding around us – data is being generated on a daily basis, with Excel spreadsheets flying around in emails, collaboration sites and our ability to collect, analyse and act on the information gets harder. Users in Sales, Marketing, Finance, and the Chief Data Officer are constantly trying to keep up with the information and make it actionable, and share it with the right stakeholders to allow for decision making. Dashboard’s that centralize and aggregate meaningful information are a critical tool for organizations looking to compete and operate in a highly digital age where the ability to act fast is a critical competitive advantage. However, in most organizations these processes are highly manual requiring a lot of costly labor, highly siloed limiting their usefulness and are not designed to be visually rich and engaging.


Tableau to the rescue?

Tableau is a market leading data visualization software and enterprise BI software for organizations of all sizes, accessible through a browser or a mobile device. Leading market research firm Gartner has constantly ranked Tableau Software highly for delivering highly innovative business intelligence solutions for enterprise customers. Have you considered Tableau?

  • Simple User Interface – Tableau Server makes it easy to find, explore, and interact with analytic dashboards for every type of user. Powerful search capabilities and intuitive navigation controls makes discovering content, users, and data sources straightforward.
  • Interactive Data Visualization widgets- The tool offers an easy way to create and share charts and graphs with ad-hoc drill down and interactive features including maps.
  • Flexible data architecture – Depending on the speed of the database connection, Tableau Server can leverage faster speed by maintaining live query connections to that database. Alternatively, Tableau Server can take in-memory snapshots of a data source (called extracts) and physically host the extracts on the Tableau Server platform.
  • Automatic data and content updates – Tableau Server can refresh in-memory data extracts based on a set schedule, at specified intervals, or at incremental levels. The user can also set alerts when data connections fail or use subscriptions to receive regularly scheduled emails about dashboards and reports.
  • Embedded analytics – With Tableau Server, the user can rapidly embed interactive dashboards within the organization’s existing web portals. Built-In sharing capabilities quickly provide HTML snippets that can be uses to place Tableau Server views directly into webpages, SharePoint portals, intranet wikis, and so on.
  • Scalable – Tableau Server scales with both hardware and memory to support a growing organization. Flexible content management, user permissions, and detailed administrative capabilities makes managing a growing Tableau Server platform a straightforward process.
  • Secure – Tableau Server provides security permissions at any level. With multi-tenancy, a user can create multiple sites on the server to separate users and content. Users can set individual permissions for projects, dashboards. Tableau also offers enterprise security features such as role-based access and SAML integration for single sign on capability
  • Mobile – Users can view a dashboard from anywhere, on any device. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets with touch sensitive UI without requiring any additional authoring or configuration.


Ready to get started with Tableau?

Tableau software and Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offer the Tableau server software on an hourly basis to provide a flexible solution that scales up or down with the user’s needs. In order to get started, you will need a Tableau Desktop license to develop and create rich visualizations, connect to various data sources including corporate databases, excel spreadsheets and enterprise data stores. Most enterprise users need the ability to customize and integrate their solution with various data sources and meet their IT security requirements. For such requirements, the Tableau Server software is available in 10 user, 25 user, 50 user and 100 user configurations on a per hourly “pay-as-you-go” model. There are no long term contracts or commitments. Try out our StackBuilder solution that provides AWS Hosting, Tableau Software and highly experienced Dashboard designers and analytics experts who can help get your dashboard project jumpstarted with a low monthly fee.

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