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Jumpstart dashboard project with Tableau Dashboard-As-A-Service on AWS

More and more organizations are drowning in data and spending too much time creating and sharing Excel spreadsheets. Is this you?


The cloud automation and data analytics experts at stackArmor have developed a powerful “Turbo-tax” like wizard to rapidly select, price and deploy data analytics and visualization software such as Tableau. Tableau is a market leading data visualization software that connects and aggregates multiple data sources to create powerful dashboards. The tool offers an easy way to create and share charts and graphs with ad-hoc drill down and interactive features including maps. Tableau offers a rich set of connectors and enterprise security features such as role-based access and SAML integration for single sign on capability. The challenge however has been the cost and delay associated with acquiring licenses and hosting & installing the software in manner that it can be customized to specific needs.

Don’t wait – get from Zero to Tableau in 30 mins!

Tableau software and Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offer the Tableau server software on an hourly basis to provide for a flexible solution that scales up or down with your needs. The Tableau Server software is available in 10 user, 25 user, 50 user and 100 user configurations for meeting the needs of business units and departmental offices. The software is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and offers flexible options to connect with databases such as MongoDB, SQLServer, Oracle or Datawarehouse technologies such as AWS Redshift.


If you find selecting an instance size e.g. m4.4xlarge versus c3.4xlarge, configuring a VPC and setting up security groups a daunting task and don’t want to wait for or hire Solution Architects, then check out Stackbuilder.

Introducing Stackbuilder

We have developed StackBuilder available at as a helpful “Turbo-tax” like wizard for you get started on your Dashboard project. stackArmor’s Cloud Architects and Automation experts take care of the configurations and settings to provide you with an easy and quick “Turbo-tax” like experience to jumpstart your project.


Begin by selecting “Data Analytics”. The breadcrumbs on the top of the screen will guide you through the wizard.

>> Describe Workload

Specify the size of your data analytics project – we offer simple to understand T-shirt sizing (Small, Medium or Large). A Small project is one with less than 150GB of Data and up to 10 users. A medium sized project is one with 1 TB of data and up to 50 Users and a Large project is one with 10 TB of data and 100 users.

Security is critical for any IT service, select and specify if you have any special security needs as defined by the industry you are part of.

Finally, tell us if you have technical staff who can manage the environment for you with regard to operations support, upgrades and maintenance or if you want stackArmor to assist you with that.  Click on the Next Step arrow.

>> Configure Environment

Select the data analytics software you would like to use and deploy. Tableau Server is one of the options, you can also choose the Tableau Server with MongoDB if you want to store your data in a NoSQL database.

>> Review The Cost

Select how long you plan to operate the system and review the provided costs. The costs presented are an estimate and include all computing, storage, network and Tableau Server software costs. Once you are satisfied, click the Next Step arrow.

>> No-Obligation FREE Detailed Estimate

Fill out the form and submit proceed button for your FREE No-Obligation detailed cost estimate and solution specification. All of the stackArmor designs are compliant with cloud architecture and security best practices including the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) and have in-built security features such as VPC, Security Groups, Auto-Scaling Groups. The environments are extremely flexible and be customized to meet your specific integration needs. We also offer experienced Tableau Dashboarding and Visualization experts who can load the data and create dashboards for you.

Ready? 1-2-3 Go Tableau!

Jumpstart your data analytics project by going to . Want to talk to us? Call us at (888) 964-1644 or send us an email at solutions at Also, don’t hesitate to ask us for our 7-day Free trial for qualified customers.

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