On a new episode of stackCast (powered by stackArmor), host Martin Rieger, Chief Solutions Officer & CISO at stackArmor, welcomes the CEO at SafeLogic, Evgeny Gervis. The two discuss:

  • The important aspect of cybersecurity for business, especially those dealing with the United States government and any other entity that requires cryptographic software validation
  • How SafeLogic is revolutionizing the approach to achieving FIPS 140 validation
  • How SafeLogic supports customers who are dependent upon someone else’s cryptography and what that process looks like

To learn more about SafeLogic and how their FIPS 140 validation-as-a-service streamlines the process of achieving and maintaining FIPS 140 validation for encryption, please visit www.safelogic.com.

You can also listen to the episode here.

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