Name of Agency: DHS USCIS

Scope of Contract/Task Order: AWS GovCloud and DevOps Engineering Support Services
Brief description of the work completed and capacity to staff and management of the contract requirements:

stackArmor was tasked with provided high-end AWS architecture and DevOps implementation support services. stackArmor was tasked with assisting with the selection and operationalization of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). OpenShift Container Platform supported enterprise-ready Kubernetes for provisioning, building, and deploying applications and their components in a self-service fashion. stackArmor helped with the definition and development of automated workflows like source-to-image (S2I) processes to get source code from version control systems into ready-to-run, docker-formatted container images. The scope of the project and success criteria were well defined to ensure project success.

Project Scope included:

– Take operational control of OpenShift; making it an organization asset

– Define the OpenShift Container Platform operating model based on best practices

– Define services the OpenShift environment will support

– Provide engineering and operations guidance for dealing with support issues

Success Criteria

– Demonstrate scripted creation of OpenShift Cluster, including integration with ICAM

– Demonstrate standardized Jenkins Pipeline with deployments to OCP NonProd & Prod for sample container

– Demonstrate how OCP operational status is monitoring/alerting

– Demonstrate on-boarding of new Application Team

Contract and management responsibilities included vendor co-ordination, researching DevOps best practices, customizing OCP processes to ensure compliance with USCIS/DHS IA policies and procedures.