General Dynamics is a prominent Government IT and Business solutions provider with a track record of delivering new and innovative services. stackArmor was engaged to provide a solution to cost-effectively monitor AWS cloud hosted applications in compliance with NIST SP 800-53 and FISMA requirements. stackArmor’s ThreatAlert service provided accelerated ATO support for meeting continuous monitoring and compliance services to meet stringent security and program requirements.

– AWS Configurations scan includes common misconfiguration and security best practices that are recommended for protecting data and access including VPC, IAM, S3, RDS and others.

– Operating System Vulnerability scored based on the NIST CVSS scoring using AWS Inspector

– Container Images scans including deep image scan of container libraries and code on a scale of Critical, High, Medium and Low as part of the CI/CD pipeline

– Operational Intelligence for the Environment by collection of findings from common AWS services such as CloudTrail, GuardDuty for DDOS, Account, Instance scanning and unauthorized access.

– File Integrity Scanning and categorized as High, Medium or Low

– Malware Scanning categorized as High, Medium or Low using AV software

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