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Continuous Compliance and Security – Going beyond logging and monitoring…

In the constantly evolving cybersecurity market where new threats present themselves every day, it can be a daunting task to maintain proper security. The dynamic nature of the threats requires industry standards to be updated regularly. So, the question becomes, how do you keep current and maintain compliance and security best practices to protect your sensitive data?
Many companies offer security software products that can be installed on top of your preexisting IT infrastructure. While these products offer the traditional logging, monitoring, and alerting features, they typically also require someone to become an expert and to continually stay on top of the product, taking focus away from your business. Cloud providers such as AWS pride themselves on their out-of-the-box protection of data. But security isn’t just the responsibility of the provider and requires the user to participate, thus many companies have become victims due to improper configuration of their security. These faults in practices have led to massive data leaks for some of the world’s largest companies.

For example, one company misconfigured their AWS S3 buckets where they were storing large amounts of data, making it easy for unauthorized users to access them. Mounir Hahad, head of threat research at Juniper Networks Inc. in California, addressed this all too common issue, saying: “We tend to think about misconfigurations and AWS buckets as being something a very skilled IT professional has done…that’s not the case. Very often, a group that has no relationship with security went ahead and created something because it was an easier and faster way to transfer data. The next thing you know, the whole network is open to the world, and the data is leaked.” This is not an issue that can be remedied by simply installing one of these software security products. Any company that is attempting to run a business in the cloud must either have employees who understand how to setup cloud security infrastructure with the correct compliance, or they must outsource that job to security experts.

This is where stackArmor’s ThreatAlert service can help many companies, both in the public and private sector. stackArmor ThreatAlert is a fully managed Security Operations Center (SOC) and Compliance Service. The service is customized for Public sector, Healthcare, Government Agencies and Government contractors with security compliance requirements from NIST to FedRAMP to HIPAA. The stackArmor ThreatAlert service provides a fully integrated and end-to-end service that combines Security Operations, AI-Analytics, Threat Remediation and Compliance Reporting for regulated markets. Our approach aligns with emerging cybersecurity best practices such as SOAPA/SOAR that are being increasingly covered by industry analysts like Gartner. The service is highly configurable and customized to allow for one-time security architecture review, vulnerability and penetration scanning or continuous monitoring & compliance.

stackArmor also helps organizations avoid having to hire expensive and scarce cybersecurity and cloud security experts. Our flexible consumption-based cost model allows organizations to get best in breed security services at a highly affordable price. We provide a full set of SecDevOps engineers and analysts who are certified and experienced in AWS engineering and operations support using AWS recommended security best practices contained in the Well-Architected Framework (WAF). We partner with our customers to provide a cost-effective and customized solution that addresses urgent and critical needs that supplement and support our customers’ security and compliance needs.

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