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Amazon Web Services (AWS) WorkSpaces – Are you ready for Virtual Desktops?

AWS WorkSpaces is the latest entrant in the DevOps world and can promote an agile Development Operations environment as it replaces the traditional on-premise desktops with virtual desktops. Albeit it can be used for a variety of tasks, at the basic level it can simplify your processes and reduce the scope of your desktop life cycle management tasks. 

What did we do?

Having a good knowledge of it, we recently performed migration of Windows VDI Desktop to AWS WorkSpaces for our client with all the existing applications having components like Sage HRMS server, Sage100 server, etc to name a few. We also performed migration of full network share drive data from existing virtual VDI to AWS Workspace for the client.

How did we do it?

We used S3 Transfer acceleration with multi-part upload command for migrating Shared Drive and Application Data from On-Premises VDI on AWS WorkSpaces. For High Availability, the team launched the apps on EC2 servers with load balancer. Meanwhile, various applications like Sage 100 were installed on Application server. SQL Server EC2 Database was launched and migrated using .bak file and restoring it.

Meanwhile, at the Network level, secure VPC was created consisting of Private Subnets accompanied a Public Subnet to route the traffic outside the world using NAT Gateway. The team also launched AWS WorkSpaces for deploying the client-side applications like SAGE 100 client, Office365 ProPlus to name a few.

Our team also Restricted Access to specific folders and Remote login by using Group Policy Object (GPO). The team also migrated the Share drive to AWS FSx which was mounted on WorkSpaces for the users. 

Thinking of going Virtual?

More and more companies are now looking at virtualizing their desktops and applications. As it can help streamline desktop and application management and delivery, improve security, cut costs and support workplace mobility.  If you are also thinking of going virtual stackArmor years of experience will ensure the perfect solution for your organization. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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