We are excited to announce and welcome you to our Security MicroSummit on August 3rd, 2017 at 8AM. The Security MicroSummit is an Invite-Only event showcasing the latest Security technologies for creating secure and compliant Cloud Hosting Environments. If you are a Technology Executive interested in meeting your compliance and security needs, then join us for for the Security MicroSummit. We will provide relevant content on how to begin the process of understanding compliance frameworks such as FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, or FFIEC and how to leverage AWS tools and services. Also, you will learn about cutting edge security solutions that are typically used in creating a compliant environment.

Go ahead and learn more by visiting our Security MicroSummit Web Page.

Some of the exciting sessions we will feature are described below.

Building a Secure and Compliant AWS by stackArmor:

Gaurav “GP” Pal and Fawad Siraj will talk about how security focused organizations can leverage AWS provided resources to create a compliant and secure environment for meeting NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS or HIPAA compliance requirements. They will cover the topics described below.

Creating a Secure and Compliant Solution : This requires following very basic best practices that are captured in ISO and NIST Standards relating to policies, procedures and common technology components required.

Selecting Compliant Services : AWS offers a variety of services and selecting the right set of compliant services is a critical first step prior to beginning the solution design process. This is especially true as organizations move towards serverless architectures.

Creating the Compliance Artifacts : Most organizations struggle with creating the right supporting documentation required by most compliance frameworks. Understanding most commonly asked artifacts and deliverables helps organizations get prepared and ready for an external audit or have the artifacts available in the event of a self-certification.

How to select a Next Generation Firewall by Palo Alto Networks:

Ed Caswell from Palo Alto Networks will talk about how to select and deploy a next generation firewall.  He will cover the topics described below.

Understand key threats and use cases for NGFW : Understand the threat vectors and use cases that are driving NGFW adoption.

Key features and benefits of NGFW : Understand key capabilities and the protections that are delivered for cloud hosting environments.

NGFW Best Practices : Common deployment models and cloud-architecture best practices for security focused organizations leveraging cloud platforms such as AWS.

Securing the AWS Environment by McAfee:

Larry Kovalsky will cover topics relevant to securing the AWS hosting environment for compliance and security focused customers. He will cover the topics described below.

Endpoint Focused : McAfee Public Cloud Security Suite – Workload Discovery, Visibility, and Comprehensive Threat Protection for AWS

Network Focused : McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform – Network intrusion prevention featuring advanced signature-less detection techniques and true East/West IPS/prevention capabilities within AWS.

Data Focus : Pervasive Data Protection Suite – Visibility, Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Web/Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB) protection. Follow the data between on-prem and AWS.

Deep Packet Inspection on AWS by Niksun:

Shivank Dua will talk about how Deep Packet Inspection on AWS provides the critical capabilities required to detect data breach, malware and ransomware threat scenarios to name a few. The ability to perform forensics and reconstruction of the packet stream is critical to analyzing and protecting from emerging and dynamic threat patterns. He will cover the topics described below.

Describe common threat scenarios and need for deep packet inspection.

Limitations with current netflow based monitoring techniques.

Common deployment scenarios and use cases for deep packet inspection for security focused customers.