Operations Lens™ – Continuous Systems & Cost Monitoring

Operations Lens™ helps Project Managers and Program Directors keep track of their cloud spending and systems operations integrity using simple alerts to highlight issues in the environment. The stackArmor OpsAlert intelligent detection engine provides focused and targeted information to help reduce cloud costs and improve the operational integrity of the environment. Specific rules include optimizing cloud spending based on CPU utilization; detecting unattached EBS volumes; detecting new instances in the environment and other security and operational parameters.

Reduce cloud costs by detecting and eliminating idle capacity. stackArmor Operations Lens™ helps busy product managers and product owners get a handle on cloud costs through simple business metrics like Cloud Idle Score and Cloud Idle Cost to drive accountability.

stackArmor Operations Lens™ is a cloud operations management solution for busy product managers, product owners, and business managers with a stake in financially optimized cloud hosting. stackArmor OpsAlert™ provides actionable intelligence on cloud utilization and cost using simple business-oriented metrics. These metrics allow business managers and product managers to detect idle capacity and improve utilization thereby increasing margins for cloud-based products. Here are some of its features:

– Reduce cloud costs: Management oversight using easy to understand business metrics drive accountability. The stackArmor Cloud Idle Score provides an instant and easy to understand metric for detecting idle capacity that is being paid for but not utilized.

– Enable accountability: Simple categorization of cloud instances into highly idle, moderately idle, or low idle allows managers to quickly ask the right questions and drill-down to eliminate wastage.

– Increase margins: SaaS product hosted on AWS can improve their margins by improving the operational efficiency of cloud assets by eliminating idle capacity.

The ability to quickly interpret complex cost, operations, and utilization data is essential for effective management. Using advanced data aggregation, integration, and data science methods, stackArmor Operations Lens™ shows utilization, idle, and cost data side by side to enable decision making. Contact us for a free demo by submitting the form below.

Key benefits of stackArmor  Operations Lens™ include:

– Actionable insights with proven algorithms to detect idle and waste to help product managers, SaaS CFO’s and business managers track cloud spend and bring it under control.
– Accountability across distributed teams. Powerful dashboards and emails to help agile product teams quickly see cloud spending and eliminate wastage using the Cloud Idle Score across Regions and AWS Accounts.
– Inexpensive subscription pricing. Simple and flat-pricing unlike other competitive offerings that are expensive and offer a cluttered user interface.

stackArmor OpsAlert™ is tailored for fast-growing organizations that are unable to dedicate full-time resources for cloud cost and utilization management. Our fully managed billing and cloud operations support services are cost-effective tools for busy cloud product owners, product managers, and program managers looking for force-multipliers. stackArmor provides flexible solutions depending on organizational need:

– Dashboard and Alerts: Subscription includes 24/7 monitoring of systems, cost, and security parameters with in-built reporting and monthly review call with cloud operations analyst.
– Managed Billing Services: Dedicated cloud operations support team with responsibility to provide active management and monitoring of monthly spending. This includes recommendations like reserved instances, using schedulers, or downsizing instances. 
– Managed Services: Provide hands-on technical remediation and operations support through certified AWS systems administrators and management specialists for both Windows and Linux environments. 

Please feel free to contact us and schedule a free demo of stackArmor OpsAlert™. The dashboard provides a quick view of the twelve cards that are critical for management oversight of cloud products. stackArmor Operations Lens™ is part of our larger suite of managed services collectively referred to as the stackArmor ThreatAlert™ platform.

The pricing model is flexible and cost-competitive compared with other offerings:

1. Fixed monthly subscription fee with annual commitment tied to AWS consumption.
2. stackArmor Operations Lens™ is free for Managed Services and AWS Value-Added Reseller (VAR) customers.
3. Dedicated deployment model is available for large enterprise customers using a docker image file.
4. All upgrades and enhancements are included as part of the pricing subscription.


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