stackArmor has supported cloud modernization and transformation activities at GSA since 2016 with the support contract for hardening the platform on AWS GovCloud and supporting the Authority-To-Operate (ATO) process using compliance as code constructs. Subsequently, stackArmor has been supporting the GSA’s Centers of Excellence (CoE) as part of the Whitehouse Office of American Innovation (WHOAI).

As part of the GSA Cloud Adoption CoE Phase-I contract award, stackArmor has supported cloud migration and modernization efforts at agencies like USDA and HUD. Key services provided included cloud architecture, migration planning, application rationalization, and modernization roadmap. stackArmor analyzed over 1,200 applications at USDA and established a modernization pipeline with over 40% applications identified for migration to commercial cloud services.

GSA 18F Cloud Platform Services

Name of Agency: GSA 18F
Scope of Contract/Task Order: Cloud Engineering and Cybersecurity Services
Brief description of the work completed and capacity to staff and management of the contract requirements:

stackArmor assembled a world-class delivery organization for developing and managing the platform for GSA’s 18F. Services provided included full-stack developers and DevOps engineers with expertise in Cloud Foundry, BOSCH, and Docker technologies. stackArmor provided a proven full-stack approach to cloud platform management and operations. The Cloud ServiceOps framework developed by stackArmor for the system had 4 cornerstones of cloud operations and management as shown in the graphic:

System Operations: This workstream covers the full-stack operations on the platform and includes proactive monitoring and management from the operating system and up. The Systems Operations function also includes the proactive operations, Cloud Foundry release updates, Stemcell updates, Buildpack updates, 24/7 support is provided to resolve urgent incidents, and ensure a service level as defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Security Operations: The Security Operations activity stream covers the tactical security hygiene and operational actions including patching, vulnerability scanning, system hardening using DISA STIG’s and FedRAMP/FISMA SA&A compliance.

Financial Operations: It is critical to ensure the optimal financial performance of the platform by leveraging reserved instances, turning off unused instances, right-sizing instances, deleting unused snapshots/storage on EBS and S3.

End-User Experience: Given the high profile and visibility associated with the program, it is essential that workload users on the platform have a superior end-user experience.

Contract and Management Services provided included finding and deploying extremely hard to find senior CloudFoundry and BOSCH experts from Silicon Valley and through certified partners. stackArmor provided Technical Program Management, DevOps Engineering, and Cybersecurity support services for the initiative.