Migration Acceleration

Rapid migrations require assessments that requires gathering, analyzing and presenting critical data points to aid cloud migrations. Our Cloud Migration Assessment methodology provides a “Turbo-tax” like user experience covering five pillars essential for cloud migration assessments : (1) Business Case, (2) Security, (3) Technology, (4) Cloud Suitability and (5) Integration Models. Based on the responses provided by the users, the wizard recommends an ideal migration pathway. The wizard is ideal for large organizations looking to provide a self-service capability to help program managers determine the right migration pathway. The wizard is an essential tool in helping define the in-take process for a cloud adoption center of excellence.

Here are some tips for a successful cloud migration:

0. Secure Landing Zone: We help organizations rapidly get ready for migrations by creating a hosting architecture that is compliant with best practices and is compliance (for highly regulated industries).

1. Business Objectives: We help organizations analyze their cloud migration objectives and decide how moving to the cloud will benefit them. We believe cloud migrations make sense only when they offer a tangible benefit to your organization.

2. Establish Governance Model: Based on your organization’s strategic objectives for migration, it is important to define a governance model that establishes roles, responsibilities and tailors the shared responsibility model based on current workflows, internal processes, and operations.

3. Estimate Timeline and Budgets: Choosing the right migration strategy requires clear understanding of timelines and budgets. In many cases such as expiring data center lease contracts it is essential to drive the migration program to meet specific milestones.

4. Prioritize Apps: Prioritizing application migrations is essential to ensure a “zero-downtime” migration. Common strategies include migrating non-production environments first and then “flipping” them to production environments. Infrastructure as code, automated migration tools and experienced engineers are critical to project success.

5. Test Adequately: Our expert AWS Certified Engineers pay attention to the design and testing of your cloud architecture and the migration of data. We suggest having a disaster recovery plan in place prior to initiating a migration.

6. Emphasize the Importance of Security: stackArmor specializes in providing Cloud Migration and Managed Services to Security focused Customers. We help create complete and robust security policies to ensure success post migration.

stackArmor engineers have been assisting customers with cloud migration services since 2009, designing and developing AWS based solutions for security conscious customers that include large US Federal Agencies, Financial Services, Non-profit Organizations, and Commercial clients. Our team of AWS Certified Engineers help our customers assess cloud readiness and help them adopt the right cloud model tailored for their specific requirements- IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Click here to begin your cloud readiness assessment.

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