Cloud Trials Wizard

Provision enterprise software trials, demos, training and evaluation environments in the Amazon Cloud using our software deployment wizard. If you are looking to sell  your software to security conscious public sector and government customers, then our Cloud Trials Wizard provides a “Turbo-Tax” like wizard for quickly selecting a workload and provisioning an environment in AWS.  As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) you can easily drive sales demos and software evaluations by avoiding costly and time consuming AWS consultants by automating the entire provisioning and software installation process.


“Turbo-tax” like experience for provisioning and installing enterprise applications in the AWS cloud


Our Cloud Trials Wizard is based on the StackBuilder platform that has been designed and developed by cloud computing experts at stackArmor who have spent many years implementing secure cloud hosting environments for large security focused organizations such as US Treasury, Defense, Healthcare, Commercial and Non-profit customers. StackBuilder automates the entire provisioning process using an advanced capacity planning and provisioning automation engine that makes it easy for users to leverage the power of the AWS cloud computing platform. Our goal with StackBuilder is to provide a rich and easy to use consumer-grade experience for non-technical users to jumpstart their project by answering a series of simple questions. StackBuilder’s intelligent provisioning and capacity estimation engine leverages the rich set of services provided by the AWS cloud platform including wide variety of EC2 instances, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Auto Scaling Groups, Clustering and Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) amongst others. The user of StackBuilder does not have to go through the various steps associated with configuring and setting up the AWS infrastructure as they are handled automatically. This allows you to focus on your project without waiting for costly consultants or the need for cloud infrastructure expertise.

Ready to drive public sector sales?

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and want to make it easy to try and host your software in a secure and compliant cloud environment on the AWS platform, then stackArmor’s Cloud Trials Wizard is the perfect low-cost solution delivered as a fully managed service. The wizard allows you to track all leads and approve installation requests. You can review the Cloud Trial Wizard by going to and select the various values in the wizard. All of the text and icons can be customized for your needs. The simple and easy to use steps are described below.

Step 1 – Select your workload

Select and click an icon that best matches your cloud hosting need. Most common workloads hosted in a cloud environment include websites, dev & test enclaves, data analytics/business intelligence or ecommerce systems. Click the next icon/arrow once you have selected a workload profile.

Step 2 – Describe your workload

Specify the size of your workload by selecting a value of Small, Medium or Large. The text below the drop-down explains the size of the workload in simple terms. Select the industry to help indicate and identify any specific regulatory or compliance driven architectural needs. And finally select whether you would like to manage the environment or have someone else manage it for you. Click the next icon/arrow when done.

Step 3 – Select your software stack

Select the software stack that you would like to install for your cloud project. StackBuilder currently supports WordPress and SharePoint 2013 for websites, Ruby on Rails and LAMP for Dev & Test, Tableau for Data Analytics and Magento for ECommerce. Click the next icon/arrow when done.

Step 4 – Review cost estimate

Select utilization percentage for the workload. The value selection drives the hosting costs given the consumption based pricing model. The StackBuilder capacity calculation engine automatically estimates the instance types, number of instances and the types of servers required to host your workload. Click the next icon/arrow when done.

Step 5 – Submit request

Fill out the submission form to begin the environment installation process. Depending on the nature of and size of the environment, the process may take anywhere from 15 mins to a couple of hours. Each request is tracked in the system and can be reviewed prior to beginning the installation process. Once the request is approved, then an environment is created on-demand and user login information is sent to user to begin the evaluation.

If you an ISV interesting in jumpstarting your sales through easy to use evaluations, demos and pilot projects using the AWS cloud platform please send an email to solutions at or call us at 888-964-1644 and ask us how other ISV’s are taking advantage of our solutions.