stackArmor CloudCoach

Rapid customer enablement on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

stackArmor CloudCoachTM is a highly customized customer success and technical support program to help organizations that lack trained and certified AWS engineers. stackArmor CloudCoachTM provides access to highly trained and experienced AWS architects and engineers for a low fixed fee to help jump-start a project and enable self-sufficiency through knowledge sharing.

stackArmor CloudCoachTM Topics and Technology Areas

Coaching Area Description Technologies Covered
AWS Cloud Computing Core Covers setup using best practices in foundational services including setting up and configuring VPC, Security Groups, Identity and Access, EC2 Instances, Storage and basic application services. EC2, IAM, Security Groups, S3, RDS, ELB, AZ, Regions, Networking
AWS SecurityFirst Ensure the secure configuration of AWS components including EC2, IAM, S3 Policies, RDS, Security Groups, Data Encryption, and Multi-factor Authentication EC2, IAM, S3 Policies, RDS, Security Groups, Data Encryption, MFA
AWS High Availability Engineering Covers advanced topics on how to build cost-efficient applications using Multi-Availability Zone, Regions, Auto-scaling Groups, ELB, Route 53. EC2, AZ, Region, ASG, ELB, Route 53
AWS Advanced Management and Optimization Cover management best practices around tagging, use of tools including cost explorer, trusted advisor, forecasting and cost optimizations best practices. TrustedAdvisor, CostExplorer, Budget Forecaster, Tagging
DevOps Enablement Covers development pipeline automation techniques through the use of various AWS services such as Elastic Bean Stalk, AWS SWF, OpsWorks, CloudFormation templates. Various DevOps related services
AWS Operations Best Practices Reviews the creation of a standardized management and operations stack especially for organizations that compliance needs. Covers Continuous Monitoring, Patching, Anti-Virus, Restore/Backups, Incident Response & Management, Vulnerability Management. FISMA, HIPPA, PCI, Other compliance frameworks
AWS Enterprise services Includes the creation of customized solutions using value-added services including AWS Workspaces, Virtual Storage Gateway, Archival and DR solutions amongst others. Various AWS Services

stackArmor CloudCoachesTM are senior AWS solution architects that have deployed multiple complex systems in production for both large and small organizations. They have strong written and verbal communications skills and are trained to help transfer knowledge and work collaboratively to enable self-sufficiency. Please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation with a certified AWS architect to discuss your cloud computing hosting and service enablement challenges by sending us an email at