Analytics Workbench

The Analytics Workbench accelerates and enables your data processing and analytics projects using the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platformcdo-data-testimonial. The Analytics Workbench provides a rich set of data analytics, visualization, data science and data management solutions available to be deployed with the click of a button in less than 30 mins. The solution is fully supported and compliant with security best practices.
All services are available on an hourly or monthly pricing model with no long term commitments. The Workbench is great for jumpstarting projects using R-Server, Tableau, Hadoop, Data Lakes, Apache Spark, Informatica, SAP HANA, Teradata or Informatica just to list a few of the available services.

Common Analytics Challenges

Gartner’s survey of Chief Data Officer (CDO) priorities for 2017 includes implementing next generation data processing technologies and increasing delivery speed using automation and agile techniques. However organizations have a tough time getting projects off the ground quickly due to manual processes, costly and inflexible licensing solutions.

Start-up friction and delays

Are you supporting multiple analytics projects? Provisioning servers, buying licenses, installing software and waiting for infrastructure support are common factors that delay analytics projects. stackArmor’s Analytics Workbench helps you rapidly create and deploy analytics environments.


Expensive long term contracts

Traditional data analytics and management software locks customers into long term contracts irrespective of usage. The inability to scale up and down based on demand makes data analytics projects costly to implement.


Lack of security and compliance

Given heightened security and compliance needs, data projects often get delayed because security concerns are not adequately addressed with modern encryption, logging and monitoring solutions. This increases the cost of projects and delays implementation.


Cloud platforms, big data technologies and a comprehensive security framework are critical to ensuring a robust delivery environment. There is a dizzying array of services and solutions in the marketplace, in order to help make it easy for CDO organizations to quickly evaluate and deploy solutions, stackArmor has established relationships and expertise with major providers and technologies including Tableau, SAP, Informatica, Teradata. Apache Spark, MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra and many other data analytics and visualization services. The data tools are delivered on the world’s leading cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Analytics Workbench

Chief Data Officer’s (CDO) are leaning towards using secure managed cloud platforms that offer a wide variety of data services as well as a strong eco-system of partners and credible security. stackArmor is part of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) and has pre-established data analytics solutions.

Ready to go data services

stackArmor Analytics Workbench is a secure cloud automation solution that provisions complex data analytics environment in minutes. The Workbench is a single easy to use  platform delivered as a service and includes compute, storage, software and support as a fully managed infrastructure solution.using a simple easy to use wizard. Support for Data Lakes, Tableau, Qlik, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Informatica, Teradata and many more technologies. The Analytics Workbench is highly configurable and can be white-labeled for analytics and data science solution providers.


Hourly enterprise licenses with no commit

Flexible and cost-effective hourly pricing model with fully managed as well as self-managed hosting options in any AWS Global Region. Simple and transparent all inclusive pricing for easy tracking.


Secure and compliant

All environments are configured on the AWS Ec2 platform with security best practices including firewalls, encryption and logging & monitoring for regulated industries. Compliance includes HIPAA, FFIEC, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, NIST and FISMA.


Data Officers can rapidly jumpstart their analytics initiatives by creating rapid proof-of-concept, pilot and evaluation projects to help find and select the right technology solution without months of expensive consultants or contracts. Our Analytics Workbench provides a wide variety of data analytics tools using our easy to use “Turbo-tax” like wizard that allows non-technical users to rapidly select and use advanced analytics technologies like Tableau, SAP HANA or Qlik in minutes! The screenshot below shows the Analytics Workbench interface. Click on the image to get started and try your zero-risk trial!

stackArmor provides a full service offering to help CDO’s rapidly adopt and deliver innovative analytics services. We deploy experienced and certified AWS Solution Architects & Engineers that have many years of advanced consulting and training experience with a focus on cloud security. Please contact us to learn more about our services by sending us an email at solutions at

Customer Testimonials

cdo-data-testimonial Click here to learn more about how First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation’s (FGMC) Enterprise Data Officer leveraged AWS and stackArmor’s Secure Analytics Workbench to jumpstart their data initiatives. stackArmor’s Managed Data Platforms team has successfully supported FGMC’s cloud transition activities including standing up a secure AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), secure enterprise connectivity to the Enterprise Datawarehouse and implementing data security & compliance standards in compliance with FFIEC requirements.


mindShift’s CFO needed an integrated and online view of his enterprise data including expense reporting from Concor, sales data from and revenue data from Microsoft Great Plains. The stackArmor Analytics Workbench allowed mindShift’s CFO to jumpstart their analytics project within a few hours and provided powerful Tableau based dashboards using the AWS EC2 cloud.

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stackArmor provides a full service offering to help CDO’s rapidly adopt and deliver innovative analytics services. We deploy experienced and certified AWS Solution Architects & Engineers that have many years of advanced consulting and training experience with a focus on data and cloud security. If you have an interest in modern Data Warehousing solutions, Document-centric databases, NoSQL or In-Memory Data Processing or Apache Spark related initiatives, we are happy to share with you how we have supported other clients. Please contact us to learn more about our services by sending us an email at solutions at or fill our contact us form.

CDO Jumpstart

Area Description Get Started
In-Memory Analytics Advanced Analytics jumpstart including 14 days of fully hosted Apache Spark with AWS EMR (Hadoop), Zeppelin; custom training video and Zeppelin workbook as well as assistance with importing 1 custom data set and creating a sample report. Complete setup in less than 8 hours. Contact Us
Data Lake Enterprise Data Lake and Data Governance plan for enabling faster data ingestion and creating a data pipeline for analytics programs. Includes setup, governance and up to 5 data sets imported and configured. Complete setup in less than 4 hours. Contact Us
Data Science Data Science and Analytics jumpstart using R with fully managed and provisioned environment. Includes support for importing up to 4 data sets. Complete setup in less than 8 hours.  Contact Us

stackArmor has senior solution architects that have deployed multiple complex systems in production for both large and small organizations. They have strong written and verbal communications skills and are trained to help deliver solutions quckly. Please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation with a certified architect to discuss your cloud computing data hosting and service enablement challenges by sending us an email at