Webinar – 6 Sprints Towards Achieving Authority-to-Operate (ATO) on AWS

Join us for a free Webinar on Apr 22, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time

US Government & Defense Agencies are modernizing using FedRAMP accredited cloud services. 

Learn how you can reduce the time and cost of obtaining FedRAMP Authorization by leveraging stackArmor’s ThreatAlert™ Cloud Security System as part of the ATO on AWS Accelerator program. In this webinar you’ll learn how stackArmor ThreatAlert™ solution can help you with:

Intro – 5 mins
Agile ATO with stackArmor ThreatAlert™ solution – 10 mins
Somnoware’s FedRAMP ATO Journey – 15 mins
Agile ATO Panel Discussion – 15 mins
Q&A and Wrap-up – 15mins

Gaurav “GP” Pal – Founder & Principal, stackArmor
Vinodh Soundarajan – CTO, Somnoware
Tom Suder – President & Founder, ATARC
Stelio D’Alo – Sr. Director Cloud Ecosystem, Zscaler
Bunmi Olukoya – Sr. Director, Compliance and Consulting Services, stackArmor