Authorization Pathway for FedRAMP, DISA and CMMC 2.0

The FedRAMP, DISA and CMMC 2.0 programs are designed to help organizations attest to their ability securely host government data in commercial cloud services. Each of these programs require US Government engagement and organizations must do their homework to identify the specific authorization agency and the pathway for obtaining an authority to operate.

FedRAMP sponsorship comes in two flavors, agency sponsorship and Joint Authorization Board (JAB) sponsorship. Before launching into a FedRAMP journey, the first and most important thing to understand is that there are two paths to obtaining a FedRAMP ATO, both of which require a sponsor. Sponsorship may be the longest pole in the tent and can be difficult to establish for CSPs without existing relationships with federal customers. Path one is an agency-sponsored ATO, which is the most common type, and requires an agency to commit to sponsorship. Path two involves working with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) which has its own standardized path to sponsorship.

stackArmor provides comprehensive set of ATO Acceleration advisory and implementation services to help organizations determine the right strategy and roadmap for achieving the stated compliance objectives. We ensure that you avoid the most common mistakes organization make when beginning their ATO journey.

Our comprehensive ATO advisory services include gap assessments, architecture reviews, documentation & critical controls analysis as well as organizational policies and procedure maturity reviews. Our team of ATO experts are former 3PAO’s, US Government Auditors and DOD veterans with over 10 years of ATO on AWS experience. Our full lifecycle ATO advisory services cover all of the major ATO phases : (1) Gap Assessment, (2) Preparation, (3) Assessment support and (4) Continuous Monitoring.

stackArmor engineers have been assisting customers with cloud migration and ATO services since 2009, designing and developing AWS based solutions for security conscious customers that include large US Federal Agencies, Financial Services, Non-profit Organizations, and Commercial clients. Our team of Certified Engineers help our customers meet FedRAMP High, Moderate and Low ATO’s as well as DOD CC SRG IL-2, IL-4 and IL-5 as well as specialized control overlays.

Learn more about our ATO Accelerator that provides a dedicated authorization boundary, NIST compliant security services and the complete documentation package as a single integrated solution.

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